Carmacs Creations Custom Made Tack

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                             HARNESS BAGS

A soft bag with fleece lining and outer shell of water repellant Cordura, to protect your Show Harness! Has 4 loops for holding the harness parts etc. Zipper closure goes around 3 sides. Colors available are burgundy, blue, black, gold, bright yellow, green, grey, teal and burnt orange and red. Handle at top serves as a hanger when in use. I also make a double bag to hold 2 sets of harness.

                                Price for single bags: $55.00 each

                                       HALTER BAGS

I make my Halter bags in one or two tiers. One tier has 3 loops to hold up to 3 halters and double bag has 6 loops so can hold 6 halters. Made from water repellant cordura and lined with fleece for protection. Is zippered around 3 sides for easy use. Has a zippered pocket for chains etc. Colors are same as for Harness bags above.

                                         Price for one tier bags: $30.00

                                         Price for two tier bags: $40.00



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Single Card holder  holds a single number card.

 Price: $5.00 each   

Multiple number card holders have compartment for 3 - 4 numbers.

Price: $5.00 each   

Number sets---the number sets are made from Business card size cards with one number on each separate card,  0 - 9. Each set contains 2 of each number.

Number sets Price: $5.00 set.          

Cart Number Holders---same as reg. holders but has 2 straps with Velcro to attach to your cart. Please specify type of holder and length of straps when ordering.

Price: $10.00 each

Number Holder Clips---to clip your number holder to the back of your shirt collar.

Price: $3.50 each


Leather convertible Show Halters are made to use with brow band and throat strap or without them. Comes complete with chain and leather lead. Colors are black or brown double stitched leather.

Plain: $50.00 each

Buck Stitched: $60.00 each

Spotted: $75.00 each


Regular style Show Halter used for Trail classes, etc. These are double stitched leather in black or brown with white leather buck stitching to set them off.

Price: $55.00 each



These are some of the different types of nosebands on my economical nylon web show halters. These halters are 3/4" nylon webbing with the added overlays on the nosebands. Colors are: red, black, green, burgundy, purple, teal and blue. Sizes are foal, yearling, med. adult and large adult.

Price: $16.50 each