Carmacs Creations Custom Made Tack

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Hello and welcome to my site. My name is Carole and I enjoy making and creating miniature horse tack. I have had horses all of my life, beginning with saddle horses as a child. My dad was an Outfitter and we had lots of working horses and of course lots of equipment to care for with lots of repair work to do. I've been doing repair work on leather equipment ever since I was old enough to put in a rivet or hand sew with 2 needles and an awl. I have also been a Custom Seamstress for clothing in the past years.

I'm located in West Central Alberta, Canada near Buck Lake.

Over the years I taught myself to do Hand Tooling of leather and made many purses, belts, bridles, etc. and even built my own Stock Saddle and tooled it. In 2009, I helped guide my grandson on building his first Australian Stock saddle/roping saddle. This was fun, as all I had to do was sit back and watch him do the work and make suggestions when needed. I'm very proud of my grandson's natural ability for working with leather and how artistic he is.

I have acquired arthritis in my hands, feet and back from too much heavy and hard work over the years, as I used to trim and shoe horses also, so I can no longer do the tooling, but can still sew. I decided to settle for making Tack instead and doing saddle repair. I get great satisfaction out of tearing apart a sad looking saddle and rejuvenating it and take great pride in my work.

I got into Miniature horses in 1995 and found out that Mini Tack was nearly non-existent in this area, so decided make my own since I already had a machine and some tools. Someone saw what I was doing and asked me to make them  some too and so the story goes. It keeps me busy and supplied with what I need for my own horses as well as making others happy to be able to get what they need also.

I decided to do Custom work for the public, "you do the measuring, and I do the building."  If its something unusual that you can't find and I don't have, I will try to create a pattern and build it to your measurements and design, as close as possible.

I usually keep a supply of halters, leads and a few blankets on hand in case of emergency needs. If you need something in a hurry drop me a note, I just might have what you need, if not I can soon make it for you.

Everything in my catalogue (excluding bits) I build myself, I do not sell other people's products. From tiny foal blankets to team driving harness.

Email: [email protected]

If you would like to view my horses you can see them here: 

Stock Saddle I built in 1984, from a bare tree to what you see!

From this to this

To this to this

to the finished product.