Carmacs Creations Custom Made Tack

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I build harness in both leather and nylon webbing, in both styles- single with breastcollars and collar and hames and also in team or pairs harness.

Single nylon web harness

Made from a mixture of nylon webbing and leather, the breastcollar, saddle and bellyband are leather with nylon web straps and padded with heavy felt for comfort of the horse.  Crouper Dock is leather. Comes complete with breeching, lines and bridle and choice of half-cheek straight or broken snaffle bit. Colors are: teal & black or red & black with black leather, special order colors can be arranged as an option.

Please measure your horse for a Custom fit. See my measuring chart on the measuring page.

Price:  $300.00  plus shipping with a 50% deposit when ordering.

Nylon Webbing Team Harness with hames

Back band is leather with heavy felt padding and nylon web straps, bellyband is leather with sheepskin or lighter felt lining and nylon web straps. Shoulder shields are leather with nylon web traces, hip straps have leather shields and nylon web straps and steel trace hangers. Colors are red/black or teal/black.

Check Chart for proper measuring and a good fit.

Team harness comes complete with Bridles and Lines and your choice of a straight or broken snaffle bit.

Price: $600.00 plus shipping with a 50% deposit at time of ordering.

Pairs Breastcollars

For pairs breastcollar harness, there is an extra set of rings and a neck strap. The rest of the harness is the same as the single harness, without the shaft loops and wrap straps on the bellyband.


Bridles are made from nylon webbing with leather blinkers and in colors to match the harness. I make my bridles as light as possible for the comfort of the horse. I make my bridles with either an overcheck or side check crown. Please specify when ordering.

Price: Bridle only- $50.00 plus shipping


Lines are 3/4" nylon webbing and in colors to match harness and bridles. They have buckles on the bit ends.

Price per pair: $35.00 plus shipping.


Side Checks are nylon webbing and in colors to match the harness.

Price per unit: $25.00 plus shipping.


Over Checks are nytlon webbing and in colors to match the harness.


Price per unit: $25.00 plus shipping.


All leather harness are made from Latigo, or veg-tanned leather dyed black or brown. Chuckwagon type hames are an added option or you can supply your own hames.

I can order in collars for you at extra cost.


Price: Plain...$1000.00 or

          Spotted...$1200.00 plus shipping and a 50% deposit at time of ordering.

"This harness is made of burgundy latigo leather and spotted and comes complete with bridles, lines and bits, ready to go to work for you."


All leather Breastcollar harness, is made from black leather, with a soft leather lining and rolled edges on the breeching seat, breastcolllar and saddle. Regular single harness comes with a straight breastcollar and solid or buckle in traces, your choice. Also can be made for hames or into a pairs set. Complete with bridle, lines and bit.

Price: $600.00 plain or

           $750.00 spotted  plus shipping and a 50% deposit at time of ordering.


Leather Bridles separately     Price: $100.00 plain or

                                                          $150.00 spotted plus shipping

DEEP VEE BREASTCOLLAR designed to fit around the throat instead of straight across, thus giving the horse more breathing room.

I make my Deep-Vee Breastcollars out of heavy black leather and line them with a soft leather for comfort. I can make it for either buckle in or solid attached traces. Neck piece, breastcollar, false martingale and traces are sold separately or as a unit. Made to order only with your measurements.

Buckle in Traces--- Price: $45.00 pair

Neck Strap----Price: $15.00

False Martingale---Price: $15.00

Breastcollar----Price: $150.00

Complete Unit---Price: $185.00                 


Driving Sheets

This Driving Sheet is made from water resistant nylon material, is very light weight and easy to put on the horse. Has 2 straps on the top of the neck to fasten to back of bridle and 2 adjustable straps on neck edge to hold it shut. Each side has a heavy zipper opening to put over the rein turrets and shaft loops. Great protection for your valuable leather harness.

Price: $55.00  plus shipping

Thimbles...made from leather in two styles, for square shafts and round shafts. Are useful to keep the shafts from sliding ahead.

Price: $25.00 pair (plus shipping.)


Mini Scotch Tops--- want something to dress up your harness for show or parades etc.? I make Mini Scotch Tops (just like the big horses have) just for that purpose. They are made of leather and fit around the collar under the hames, with an adjustable strap to buckle them at the bottom. You can add your own decorative toggle to the top where there is a slot to slide it into. Made to order in plain, spotted or buck stitched.

Plain--- Price: $150.00 pair

Spotted---Price: $200.00 pair

Buck stitched--- Price: $175.00 pair            Plus shipping


This is a Deep-Vee buck-stitched breast collar and back saddle.

This is a buck-stitched driving bridle to match the harness.

Brow bands and Cavessons

You can add a little life to your plain bridles, by adding a fancy brow band and/or cavesson, I make them Buckstitched and spotted, or plain to replace old worn ones.

Brow bands--- Plain: $10.00 each

                         Buck Stitched: $20.00 each

                         Spotted: $30.00 each


                 Plus shipping

Cavessons--- Plain: $30.00

                       Buck Stitched:$40.00

                       Spotted: $50.00

             Plus shipping