Carmacs Creations Custom Made Tack

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Regular Style

3/4" or 5/8" nylon webbing.

Colors are red, royal blue, black, white, purple, pink, green, brown, yellow, orange and navy.

Sizes are foal,yearling, med. adult and large.

                                Price:   $15.00 each 

Australian Style

Same colors and webbing size as Reg. Style. This halter has a buckle on the top of the noseband to allow safe bridling of an excitable horse!

Price:  $20.00 each

Nylon Grooming Halter

This halter has 3 snaps, 2 on the throat strap and one on the spacer to enable you to remove these parts when clipping  and grooming around the head.

Colors are the same as Reg. Style.

Price: $25.00 each

Leather Halters

2 ply leather halters in light weight latigo leather, 3/4" wide straps with brass or nickel plate hardware. Sizes are foal, yearling, med. adult and large adult.

Price: $35.00 each

Poly Rope Halters

These halters are made with hollow braid poly rope, ends are locked inside so will not come apart, very strong. Blue & white only.

Price: $10.99 each

Easy Catch Halters

I needed something to do one day so developed this light, handy little halter. Made of poly rope, all in one piece including the lead. Very handy for taking out to the pasture to catch a horse. Easy to slide on your horse's head.

Price: $20.00 each


My halter shanks or leads are made from poly-twist rope (soft type) with the ends braided back and a snap or braided loop on the other end. They are 9 feet finished length so will be good for a saddle horse as well!

Colors are red, blue, green and black. These are very strong ropes.

Price: $10.00 each with snaps

As an option I also make some lighter leads at your request and I also make white cotton leads.

Prices quoted above do not include shipping costs!