Carmacs Creations Custom Made Tack

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                     MINI BACK PACKS & BAREBACK PADS

 Made from water repellant cordura, same as blankets. The Back Pack- pad is lined with berber fleece, with a condensed foam padding inside for protection for the horse. I designed it so that the bags can be taken off and use the pad for a bareback pad to ride on. The girth is made with an outer layer of leather and a heavy felt lining, with 2 girth straps and buckles to keep it straight. the bags have velcro closures. This outfit is handy for taking a picnic lunch along, to carry candy in a parade or brochures to hand out. Some use it to carry their fencing tools when checking fences. "Not intended for heavy objects." The bags are big enough to fit 2 cracker boxes and a water bottle on each side. These will only be made to order, so expect extra time to have them made. Please specify size range of horse its to be used on, girth measurements are necessary.

                                 Price: $85.00  Plus shipping


 Mini Bareback Pads-are made exactly the same as the Pack Pads but without the Velcro to hold the bags on, instead it has a hand-hold strap on the front. It doesn't show in the picture below.  

          Price for the Bareback Pad is: $45.00   Plus shipping