Carmacs Creations Custom Made Tack

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Quotes Hi Carole! I got home today, and there was a parcel pickup, so I rushed straight to town to pick it up! It is GORGEOUS, thank so you much, I'm so excited to use it in this weekend's trial! I'll send photos! And tell everyone where I got it! Talk to you soon! Kendra Quotes
Kendra Gale
Deep Vee Breastcollar

Quotes I get to sit by Romie and his fresh hay and open my packet to find the most wonderful halter any horse has ever worn. It is ROYAL PURPLE! !And to my wonder it has his name ROMIE on a leather strip and each letter is placed just so! ! I was astounded at the beauty and work man ship of the halter.. It is so pretty and such a good color on his sorrel head! ! it fits as if it were made for him! ! Oh, Yah.. it was! ! Tee Hee! ! Carole, see how nice your halter fits my Romie! !THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS FOR IT!! We both love it very much! ! Quotes
Jeanne Murphy
Romie's halter

Quotes Well It fits like it was made just for her! ! oh, that's right.. it was ! ! ! It is lovely and so soft. I am very impressed with the quality of work in it.. Dottie wore it this a.m.and we did about 25 miniutes of ground driving. She did so well, that I put her up before we hit a bad note.... But you get the idea of how nice it fits and how pretty she is.. Quotes
Jeanne Murphy
Dottie's New Bridle

Quotes Romie has a Fly mask that actually fits his lil' head! ! Carole has MADE me three masks and they all fit someone different. Quotes
Jeanne Murphy

Quotes A few weeks ago I called Carol and asked her to make a leather halter for Molly. Carol said she didn't need any measurements because she knew Molly and knew what size to make it. I also had her make me a quick catch halter. Well, I must admit I was unsure that the halter would fit correctly. I didn't give Carol any measurements! I WILL NEVER DOUBT HER AGAIN. I tried the halter on Molly and it fit perfectly!!!! She couldn't have done any better if she came down to CT and measured Molly herself! I was SO amazed! The quick catch halter is really neat too! THANK YOU CAROL VERY MUCH!! I AM VERY PLEASED WITH MY ITEMS AND I KNOW I WILL BE ORDERING FROM YOU AGAIN. Denise.... Gales Ferry, Ct Quotes

Quotes I?ve had many blankets over the years and this is the best made. I just love it. The weight, the color, the trim, the buckles, the belly band, the tail flap AND the removable leg straps. It is just awesome. Did you take a picture of it? Maybe I?ll try putting it on Razi in the morning just to see how stunning he looks. Sitting here looking at the chicken strip box you packed it in?..hahaha?.cannot believe you fit it in that box. You must be the world?s greatest packer. I am so happy with the blanket. . Razi will go in style with his beautiful halter and blanket. Won?t he just be stylin?. Thank you the blanket and all the love you put into it. Your workmanship is outstanding. Love, kur Quotes

Quotes I now have baby blankets, fly masks, a driving bridle, and several foal halters, all made by Carole..and will get more as needed from her. She is honest and gets the products to me in a timely fashion. I love dealing with her so much. You can't ask for a better person to deal with. What she says her products do and are, they do and they are... Quotes
Jeanne Murphy