Carmacs Creations Custom Made Tack

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                          ACCESSORIES and Odds N' Ends

LYCRA HOODS--- made from heavy Lycra with stretch in all directions.

Sizes are X-small, small, medium and large. Hoods have a Velcro closer on girth and a Velcro tab under the chin for the nose area.

Price: $40.00 each Plus shipping

                                         Other Accessories

Shoulder Protectors

Made from Lycra, to use under blankets to protect from rubbing and wearing off hair.         

                                                    Price: $25.00 each Plus shipping



Mini Saddle Pads-made with different prints on top and padded, then berber fleece on back side.  Size 23" X 23".              Price: $25.00 each Plus shipping




FLY MASKS-made from heavy mesh screening. Colors are: orange, black, blue. Bound with fleece in several different colors. Fully adjustable with velcro closures.

Mini Size                       Price: $15.00 each

Saddle Horse Size          Price: $18.00 each

                                    Plus shipping


        Controlled Grazing Muzzles



This muzzle is made to control grazing amounts for horses that tend to founder easily and also gives them freedom to exercise. It has a 1" hole in the bottom for the horse to get grass through. Recommended for only a few hours use per day, so the horse has freedom to exercise and graze on a limited scale. Not meant for use on long grass or hay. Fully adjustable, with a breakaway safety feature, in case of emergency. Also has a ring on the back for a lead rope to attach. Made from nylon webbing with heavy leather on the bottom. Colors available are same as for halters. Has a heavy fleece padded noseband to prevent rubbing on the nose area. One size will fit most minis. Can be made smaller or bigger to suit your measurements. Made to order only.

            Price: $45.00 each  Plus shipping


                                          Hay Bags


Hay bags are made from cordura and bound with poly webbing. Colors are same as for blankets with contrasting bindings. Big enough to hold one regular sized flake of hay. Has a 1" nylon webbing handle with a snap and D-ring for easy hanging on fence or stall.

                                                                  Price: $12.00 each

                                                                      Plus shipping


Leg Wraps or Shipping Boots-made from water repellant material on the outside and quilted to heavy fleece lining. Bound with heavy heavy fleece so are soft on your horse's legs and won't rub. Can be made to match your blankets.Have two velcro closures for an adjustable fit.

Price per set of four: $30.00 set  Plus shipping



These are handy totes for holding all your grooming supplies or whatever you want to use them for. They are approximately 32" around the outside, there are 4 pockets inside to hold various items. The one in the picture has a brush, curry comb, wet wipes, shampoo, show sheen. in a spray bottle, baby oil gel, hoof polish, pkg. of pins, hoof pick and a few other small items. Made in the  same material as the blankets and a variety of colors like the blankets.

(Contents not included)

Price: $15.00 each plus shipping



   Belt Knife Sheath

These are made of leather and in different sizes to fit your knife. This one is a small size to fit a 3 1/4" pocket knife. They fit snuggly on your belt and won't catch on things.

Price: $5.00 each plus shipping


        Zippered Pouches

These are small zippered pouches made to fit a pair of glasses or can be used for a change purse or whatever you choose. They are made from a good quality cloth with an embroidered horsehead or your Initial on the front. They are also padded for protection. Could also be used for a small camera case or Cell phone case.

Price: $10.00 each Plus shipping